Alto al Miedo (Ceasefear), 2012  //  Text  English - Español

On the 20th of October of 2011, the amount of fear held by
Spanish citizens was significantly reduced after Basque
terrorist band ETA declared a permanent ceasefire.
Since its constitution in 1959, the band had killed eight
hundred and twenty nine individuals, injured thousands
and committed dozens of kidnappings. 

After a long period of constant arrests - which resulted in
over seven hundred members imprisoned in Spain and
abroad- and with less money to fund their actions,
the terrorist band attempted to cease their violence
permanently, something the Spanish society took with deep
scepticism due to the failure of similar announcements
in the past, wich had only served them to reorganize
its structure and acquire further weapons.

In this scenario, this project aims to represent the author's
response to the tragic events occurred for over fifty years
in her home country, underpinning the importance of
of reaching the legal justice deserved by their victims. 

Lambda C-type Prints 
60x62 cm