Anthropologies, 2002 - 2012  /  Statement  English - Spanish

During this short trip given to us on Earth, our life evolves
in an unrepeatable way; each second dies in order to let
the next one be born, but in too many occasions, the speed
of our time prevents us from making the most of it.

Anthropologies depicts daily life scenes that survive thanks
the camera, turning a monotonous act into a testimony
of men’s particular stories. With endless curiosity, the
camera approaches reality as an invisible observer,
enjoying each pause, inspecting every instant in a sincere
and rigorous way.

The scene captured on film has the power to stop these
ephemeral moments, but it is the actual activity of its
search which fills the photographer with an inexhaustible
need to continue observing, to meet every single man and
learn from their life and experience, believing that
photography's true magic lies in freezing any scene, in
order to bring it up filled with the significance human
experience deserves.

Silver Gelatine prints,
35x50 cm