Common Space, 2011  //  Text  English - Español

The European Union was created in the aftermath of the Second World War
with the purpose of promoting the economic cooperation between countries,
believing that making all of them economically interdependent would avoid
further conflict. Since then, the Union has developed into a huge single
market with the Euro as its common currency for most of its member states.
What began as a purely economic union has evolved into an organisation
spanning all areas, from development aid to environmental policy.

Common Space depicts the interiors of the European Parliament in
Brussels and Strasbourg, an institution which, despite being little understood
or liked by many citizens, is gaining a prominent role in legislating our
everyday European living circumstances. In its corridors, offices and meeting
rooms, these quasi-futuristic spaces reveal a dream created in the fifties; a
future whose ideals have been recently put into question after the serious
economic recession suffered across the continent.

Lambda C-type prints, 
Sizes vary from 70x100 to 50x70 cm