Free Hope, 2010  //  Text  English - Español

This project is the result of a visual and testimonial search
surrounding hope in Cuba;  a hope oblivious to time and 
weariness, that is smelt, is caressed, and which on counted 
occasions, the most politically committed have carefully  
described with ink and paper.

2010 conformed for many reasons a crucial year in the struggle
for freedom in the Island, the events of which will remain
gathered in modern history books on Cuba.  The tireless work of
dissidents over the last decades, the death of the political prisoner
Orlando Zapata after his long hunger strike, the incessant
pilgrimages of "Las Damas the Blanco" or the accounts of
reality published every day by brave young bloggers like
Yoani Sánchez, have contributed to the dream of democracy
in Cuba, that approaches reality with each passing day.

Through a series of photographs of the interior spaces of the
dissidents’ homes and their neighbourhoods, the author
illustrates the reality of Cuban life in La Habana during this
crucial period.

Lambda C-type prints,
50x60 cm