Helena, 2013  //  Text  English - Español

In greek – the one who shines or glows – Helen constitutes
one of the greatest myths of our History. Daughter of Zeus
and born out of a swan’s egg, Helen was given the gift
of immortality. She symbolises the ideal of beauty; 
a gorgeousness for which men would combat to death 
and that would lead to suppose her perpetual banishment.

The frequent presence of Helen in classic literature - from
Euripides to Homer - and her innumerable representations
found in antique ceramics and paintings, make her one of
the most popular female characters of all times, which in
a certain way, comes to represent the universal idea of
femininity. But we cannot forget that the story of her life
was exclusively conceived by masculine minds, which
evidences the gender’s fear of femaleness and its ability
to break men’s will.

This project proposes Helen’s own view about her destiny
and how her fate was traced by those foreign to her female

Lambda C-type prints
Sizes vary from 35x40 to 90x100 cm