Prima Concomitancia, 2011  /  Statement

Prima Concomitancia investigates the moment of childhood in which
human beings experiment a deep sense of self-awareness for the
first time in their life; an experience which can appear to be
simultaneously fascinating and frightening.

During this magical moment – often occurring through a reencounter
with their mirror image at around eight years of age- children would
find themselves looking into their persona with a very different
approach; not only can they recognise the body they have been
looking at so far, but would also be suddenly connecting their interior
feelings and thoughts with such body.

This is me - they repeat fascinated-. You are I.

Through a series of self-portraits evoking both joy and fear, the
author searches into her memories to revive that very concrete
moment in which her body and soul were finally joined, producing what
she describes as Prima Concomitancia – or first concomitancy-.

Lambda C-type prints,