Winter Holidays, 2011 - 2013  //  Text  English 

Winter Holidays depicts a series of abandoned objects and out-of-order
structures found in Pas de la Casa; a small, overpopulated town, situated
in the Andorran Pyrenees between Spain and France. Hosting over five
million tourists every year, this winter resort constitutes only another
example of the many natural paradises colonised by humans for
recreational purposes.

Since 2011, the author has travelled to this region during the peak season
and photographed its changing landscape. While huge investments
are made every year in the construction of new chair lifts and modern
residential areas, certain structures no longer in use are left in the
mountains due to its high removal costs. Meanwhile, the environmental
damage caused throughout this “protected” mountain chain, threatens
the survival of thousands of species inhabiting those peaks. 


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